Mini workshop SINFIN 2024

On the occasion of the visit of Delia Kesner, director from the French side of SINFIN, and Olivier Carton, from the Randomness and Analysis of Algorithms team, we have organised this mini-workshop on Monday, March 11, 2024, with the following program.

18.00-18.30 – Team: Logics and Dynamics of Programming Languages
Talk #1: Linear logic as a key to understand programs
Speaker: Pablo Barenbaum 🇦🇷
Joint work with Delia Kesner 🇫🇷, Mariana Milicich 🇫🇷, and Eduardo Bonelli 🇺🇸

Talk #2: A polymorphic extension of a linear proof language for intuitionistic linear logic
Speaker: Malena Ivnisky 🇦🇷
Co-authors: Alejandro Díaz-Caro 🇦🇷, Gilles Dowek 🇫🇷, and Octavio Malherbe 🇺🇾

18.35-19.05 – Team: Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization
Talk: Parameterized algorithms for thinness via the cluster module number
Speaker: Eric Brandwein 🇦🇷
Co-authors: Flavia Bonomo 🇦🇷 and Ignasi Sau 🇫🇷

19.10-19.40 – Team: Theory of Structured Data
Talk: First Order Logic with unary negation and transitive closure
Speaker: Santiago Figueira 🇦🇷
Co-authors: Diego Figueira 🇫🇷 and Edwin Pin 🇦🇷

19.45-20.15 – Team: Randomness and Analysis of Algorithms
Talk: Nested perfect arrays
Speaker: Olivier Carton 🇫🇷
Co-author: Verónica Becher 🇦🇷